…played around with photoshop and my fuckfinger and created a monster…

Ok folks.
The following is about something I find very difficult to express verbally, yet I’d still like to give it a try, since it has been on my mind for some time.
Connected to the fact that this is a “diary” I would like to honestly discuss the subject of smoking in a photoshooting and the general appropriations when exhibiting in public. The reason why is simply that first of all Ampoule and I made a shooting for Only where I pretend to smoke and second of all there was a comment to this post where a person openly criticizes this particular part of the pictures – me smoking.
Though I understand and agree with the point of possibly being a “bad example” by showing how smoking supposedly makes the outfit “complete” I would like to stress that this was not at all the intention with adding this stage – prop (as also mentioned in the written part attached to the images).
It is my own believe that fashion not only has to function as items used to cover up ones body in order to protect against cold weather or other kinds of scratches that fabric might buffer – well it can be, but mostly I find it to be a reason to express ones personality and/or play with others perception of one and regardless to any taste or amount of interest in fashion it is not possible to hide what kind of person this reveals. (we all hate prejudice but lets just acknowledge our world of stereotypes)
That is to say, this is my opinion and I do not at all demand of anyone to agree. However I have always supported the freedom in art and the freedom it should be to explore and express fashion.
Well, basically just general tolerance.
When presenting the stylings I experiment with connected to Only, I intend to go a bit beyond the average ‘posing in front of mirror taking picture of yourself’. Not because there is anything wrong with that, but because I’d like to make an effort to show how great the clothes from Only go both into everyday life as well as various out-of-daily-scenarios (this is the most essential achievement of the blog-post and should remain its focus at all times). In this case I tried to create a sort of chilled rock’n’ roll style that I chose to do accompanied by a cigarette – confessing that it is all fake in the description attached, since I don’t smoke. (That is also why I consciously used the term “exhibiting” above) By adding the description it is already an attempt to meet those that might not find the cigarette appropriate, to emphasize the dramatical part of the setting (meant in the theatrical sense) and hence avoid these comments. Then again I applaud such comments for being openly expressed in order to discuss such subjects and that is also why I answer with this post.
I truly hope this response is not offending anyone in any way, it is simply my wish to explain myself.

I know this lady might not be the best example, however I also don’t think it was her decision to have the cigarette in this shoot.


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  1. A.

    yeah, Lynn Harvey – go to hell you oversensitive, populist, ignorant with no sense of distinction between creative expression and ethics class. well she smokes, that’s life, that’s what some people do and if she uses this to capture a certain atmosphere… this is up to her. you can close your eyes. she is not eating infants. a lot of people smoke and even those who don’t can culturally relate to these pictures and this is what design and fashion is about – sets of smart cultural associations basing on history, emotional intelligence and a tint of innovation. thank you;)

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