And Another Add -but will it ‘backfire’? / DYI Project/ Rag & Bone / Models going Crazy

Pretty Good PR Stunt I'd say. Beautiful and cool ladies make clothes that look like something from H&M become pretty attractive.

But they didn't fool me! I'll make my way around H&M soon then. Oh no, I gave myself a status-quo-restriction after moving in to my new apartment (I hate moving and facing my amount of clothes. I mean seriously, how can one with such a big closet-me- ever have nothing to wear?). I guess a sock or two will find the way to the bin then.

Anyway, the DIY Project from Rag & Bone, hence these pictures are made by Abby Lee Kershaw, Sasha Pivovarova, Lily Aldridge and Edita Vilkeviute after getting a bag of clothes (and probably paid), a digital camera (I’d take one of those too, no prob.), and the four words “do as you please”. And tadaa, another campaign to indulge in.

Funny how these ads embrace the indie-mood rather than selling stuff (well, I don’t know about rich kids, but they don’t work on me).

NOW I wonder how much more money H&M will make out of this add compared to Rag&Bones?

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Via Dazed

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