Eye Candy – LaChapelle/Berlin/ MADE Art Space – here we come!

Next Weekend I’m going to Berlin for the Berlinale and man, I’m looking so much forward to it! 🙂
So when my collegue Raf showed me this fantastic art space MADE (located in Berlin of course) I knew I had to take a look. Lucky for me – they are having two private screenings next week.

The first screening, Friday 8pm is of a film called Relentless, which might not be for the faintheartet (watch the trailer here).
BUT Saturday they are screening “EYE CANDY – The Crazy World of David LaChapelle”, which I’m definitely looking forward to!

LaChapelle is famous for his quote: “If You Want Reality, take the Bus” -which sounds promising!
Of course, the thorough researcher I am, I checked his work on his homepage, and indeed found him to be quite over the top. Yet, some of the pictures are an interesting blend between his usual over the top thing and some weird kind of reality/ prejudice. I mean, look at the pictures of Courtney Love and Liza Minelli, you know what I mean?

Uh, so looking forward to this!

EyeCandy – The Trailer


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