Earrings, Earrings!

Hello fellas,
guess what. Yap, she’s still ill and still bragging about it. I just reached the “why the hell can’t I get over it and continue with my life”-phase, the one after you tried to get up, and went straight to bed again.

The Tragic Fate of Single Beauties

Anyway, that collage below (surprise, surprise. yes, I discovered InDesign for myself 😉 ) was made last sunday.
I was wearing my lovely earring, made by Boussole, and I needed to document it. To write my thank you note.
‘Cause the big retard I sometimes am, I lost one of the pieces straight away. Why oh why?
This means another lovely non-pair of earrings has been added to my collection of single beauties.Tragic.Typical.
The only way to combat this terrible, undeserved destiny of these beauties is to once again try the only-one-statement-earring at a time/ 80s kind of thing.
So here we go.*


Thank You Note

I Like these because: they are big enough to be a statement in it self and shine up any outfit, yet they are quite subtle in their transparency and blend in with anything.
& at the same time they perfectly balance the industrial masculinity of the material, plexiglass, with the feminine raffinesse in the form of an unsymmetric bow.
that’s a 5 out of 5.


* Fits with all this “blok”-colours thing going on the fashion world.

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