Street Styles on a Superb Sunny Saturday

Before continue reading, turn on the music.

The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness by thebluewalrus

Today Is a Wonderful day. It’s one of those days that you wake up to and can do nothing but smile.
Nothing special is to happen, it’s a regular day, BuT. The. Sun. Is. Shining. Exclamation point.

I would love my mood to be less dependent on the weather, but somes times all it takes to make a perfectly normal day into a wonderful one, or into a bad one, is a look out of the window.
Today is a good one.

So I got delicious bread from the new Meyer bakery around the corner, and because it was a special day (ya, ok, also because I finally made it out of my bed after being ill for the last couple of days) I got all the bread I wanted. So I did not only get a croissant, a Kanelkringel and a Rugbrødsbar, but also TWO Cannelés. RIght out of the oven. Mmh. After all it’s weekend.
After having cleaned the whole apartment, eaten all these delicious, well cakes?!, I couldn’t possibly stay inside and do my homework. So I went for a walk, first time in a long time, and took some street style pictures, first time in a looong time, and met some lovely girls I hadn’t seen in (guess what) a loong time 🙂 (pictures yet to come).

Copenhagen Street Styles = Human Installations*

So here is some of what I got. You like?
I’m always fascinated by Copenhagener’s ability to make themselves human-installations. Yes, that’s what I’ll call it. You, know sitting non-chalant some ‘cool’ place, having coffee, showing off and enjoying themselves. Quite interesting phenomenon in a country that came up with Janteloven.
I cannot but love them. Today.



*Guess what, I discovered the header-function. tadaaa.

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