Pre Release Album Review – Jamie xx & Gil Scott-Heron

You now have the opportunity to stream Jamie xx & Gil Scott-Heron’s new Album ‘We’re new here’, before they hit the stores in about a week here.
Last week I introduced you to ‘NY is killing me’ in my Mixed Tape because I fell for the heavy beats and good rythm.
Some tracks of this album might be a bit slow (and I so had to skip the intro (lack of patience)), but it definitely contains some goodies. like ‘The Crutch‘ and of course ‘NY is killing me‘.
But the spac-y sounds are a bit much from time to time.
I’ll give the album 3 out of 5*.

Have to get back to school stuff now. Over and Out.


*A major drawback is that one cannot see how long the track is and how much is left AND that I like only three out of many songs.. But the songs themselves are clearly more towards 5 out of 5. Know what I mean?

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