“water water everywhere…and not a drop to drink”

admitting that the topic of this post is possibly the sadest of its kind is really not an optimistic or encouraging way to start. oh but there is going to be other stuff to talk about though. but lets get serious first.

money, hmm. supposedly one cannot buy happiness – but the person saying that was probably some bored rich halfwit. I know though, that true happiness cannot be purchased in exchange for cold cash. Given this statement I’ve come through the last couple of years (and fashionweeks) living like the classic student with the tendency to follow highfashion on the net (for free, haha!) almost ruining my keyboard with saliva due to one ungraspable yet wanted item after the other. Truth be told, in the imaginary scenario of actually having the money for countless (maybe even -when it comes to it- useless..?! nooo, thats the survivor instinct talking right now man.) accessories, pieces of elegant fabrics, designer investments & precious footwear I possibly wouldn’t even want it – but that is not the case so lets not look at that perspective (sensing my selfpity? please don’t, it’s irony really. well maybe also a little selfpity. shh)

So this gained perspective of life has created a slight distortion in the sense of both taste and – hold on – interest… !! (?seriously?) What really just occured is that the survivor instinct, mentioned above, kicked in with a good mixed portion of ignorance and denial, leaving a confused and a bit.. misplaced. changing focus –

an example: so I found this beautiful dress on topshop.co.uk (their new Unique collection, it’s so pretty!) and decided to create a small “styling”-post centered around the dress, put together with pieces that could resemble the taste of some known bloggers, like Hanneli, Rumi & Garance. And of course ending with my own interpretation. Perfect; I found the material, but stop completely at the last part – me. Here the philosophically confused face appeared with one big style-question: who am I?

Luckily it has some interesting twists in the matter that I’m more liberal when it comes to the ‘rules’ of styling; where my criticism used to have no end (and no solution) it has been replaced with experimentings and I find more possibilities in the -formerly seeming- impossibilities, this affected by the “fashion globalization” i.e. access to get inspired by cultures and people around the globe via internet. (yeah yeah, old fucking news.)

Setting all this aside, the feeling of “displacement” (that I guess also is strongly connected to personal development and -of course- particularly to youth.) causing restlessness (and waste of precious time on stupid american tv-series..!) has caused the effect of the involvement with “art” (what a happy coincidence, given the study) though this truly is a mighty heavy subject of exploration, so allow me to wait and gain experience before having too many statements on that area.

If you by any chance are still hanging on strong to this writing you deserve a treat in the visual shape.  (but I have to warn you, it’s narcissistically related to the stuff you’ve just read above)

a symbol of me: fashion clown. hereby apologizing for lack of fashionposts.

/ida boussole

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