Inspiration on how to combine your LBUI (Loved but unwearable items)

Yesterday some of my friends and I has a spontaneous fashion shoot with lovely Liv (results soon to come), and MAN I love to style*.
The theme was:

“give me inspiration on how to combine items I love, but don’t know how to combine”.

You know the things you love in your closet, and on your self, but somehow you’re trapped in your own style-routines and it easily takes month before you take it out – just to put it right back to where it was. Your LBUI.
So us friends had the task to combine these lovely items, taking Liv’s personal style and style wishes into account, of course – and give Liv some inspiration and new combinations on how to wear her LBUIs.

I’ll show you the pictures soon (still editing them), in the mean time I’ll show you my inspiration: Rumi from Fashiontoast and Garance with her layering picture.

The challenge:

  • Huge sweaters, ’cause it’s still freakin’ cold here
  • Self knit, you know those pieces your mum spend hours knitting and somehow your not sure whether they are great or just home-made in the bad way
  • Classic blouses, you need them for work, but how to combine them and still be edgy?

The solution:

  • Layering
  • Hats and loads of edgy jewelry
  • Good friends to give inspiration 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


/Isabella Ampoule

*surprise surprise

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