Mixed Tape week 8 – AIAIAI Edition: Florence and the Machine/ XX/ Chrysalis Records/ Radiohead/ Rythm and Sound/ Maximum Joy/ Beach House/ Friendly Fires & Aeroplane/ Caribou/Telefon Tel Aviv/ Apparat/ Yr Love/Nicolar Jaar/ Yerba Buena Bump/ Benoit & Sergio/ Isolée

Here is my special edition Mixed Tape: the AIAIAI Edition. Tadaa.

I’ve asked Jakob Erlendsson, Christian Zander (Emperor of Antartica), Emil Brink and Kasper Nørlund (Spleen United) to give me some tracks for this week’s input, and here they are. They’ve all got excellent taste I assure you.

The Theme: mostly new tracks, heavy electronic beats and workability (i.e. you can concentrate while listening to them).

You’ve Got the Love – Florence And The Machine (The xx Remix)

Egyptrixx Chrysalis Records (ft. Trust)

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

Rythm & Sound – King in My Empire

Maximum Joy – Silent Street Silent Dub

Beach House: Used To Be

Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane Remix)

Caribou – Leave House

Telefon Tel Aviv feat. Robin G – The Sky Is Black

Apparat – Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv remix)


NICOLAS JAAR – Keep Me There

Yerba Buena Bump – Tommy Guerrero

Benoit & Sergio – Walk & Talk

Isolée – One Box

/Isabella Ampoule

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