Liene Dobraja

A friend told me about this little Latvian lady called Liene Dobraja. Graduated at Latvian Art Academy and now independently multifunctional – illustrationist, costume designer, DIY fetichist, DJ, Stylist and is in generel just being cool. check out some more of her.

/ida boussole 


Filed under Art, Fashion, Inspiration

2 responses to “Liene Dobraja

  1. Dear Ida,

    Thanks so much for acknowledging my artwork. I have such appreciation for people like you, passionate about art and the very many sides of it, fashion included, of course. Your blog is just all kinds of wonderful! Best of luck,

    Liene Dobraja

    • 1boussole

      Your work deserves all kinds of acknowledgement, since it advocates more than just the ‘latest thing’. it is art and fashion combined beautifully in your very own interpretation. keep on doing your great work! oh and btw my friend from Latvia Karina Abramova recommended you – so you should also credit her 😉
      – xoxo Ida

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