“good artists copy. great artists steal” (picasso)

I wrote all that jazz in my out-of-fashion-post a while ago.. thinking about the part where I realize my capability to depict the “signalization” of other people stylewise – I wonder – how come it is so easy to copy and paste? is it the internet influencing, since it really entirely consists of information gathered, exploited, used, reused, abused for the purpose of sharing and experiencing? no room left to reflect upon the ego; too busy checking what someone else is doing. We’re stealing/borrowing/getting “inspired” by our surroundings – so where is the real you? the real me?

Maybe it is all about ‘the distorted self image’ which can be so tiring in the long run, that it just leaves one to judge others. (wow, did I just find a reason for gossiping???!)

surely I’ll have to end this bullshitting (before it turns into a copyright-discussion!) by admitting that the title’ing quote was abused by Banksy (turned into “the bad artists imitate, the great artists steal” -and of course I heard all this from a fellow student today at a lecture about street art. ah… the sweet, dripping irony.!) and the whole bubbly continuing of the old post came to me today after reading Garance‘s thoughts.

/Ida boussole.


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