Fashion, Classic and Moral Moments.

Good Morning Lovelies*,

today I have a tiny anecdote for you. It’s an old one in tech-terms**, but certain things are universal and hopefully you’ll appreciate my sharing.

Classical Moments

Let me set the scene. It’s Berlin, it’s Berlinale, it’s -10 degrees.
The day (like the one before and the one after that) went like this:
We’re waking up really late, heading out for a delicious brunch for no money (as in no money!) and are going to the first movie of the day (selected with great care, while writing some really important exam -now long time forgotten). Of course we’re amazed by the film, it was Taxi Driver (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G), and because it was so impressive I really wanted to discuss the film, you know while rushing to the next movie starting in half an hour (as I said, our trip was carefully planned – while being far far away from the realities of transportation in Berlin). Anyway, we had the classical over-undersharing/ men-woman situation: me wanting to discuss the visuals of the motion picture, implications for future films and something third very important (now forgotten of course). And he, trying to keep me alive (you know I’m good at blocking out noises, thoughts and everything else when concentrating, which tends to be fatal when trying to make it from Alexander Platz to Postdamer Platz in 30 minutes. Did you know that cars are trying to hit you everywhere?! ) and needed to digest the cruelties of the film (maybe not so stereotypical rolemodels here). But we make it to the next movie of course, a Bergman Film (yeah I know, only oldies that day, but there’s a reason they still screen them you know) and pretty fast all our over-undersharing-issues are gone, because the seats are unnumbered and we HAVE to have good seats***.
The film is great, of course, but after the third Bergman movie in 24h I’m exhausted by Bergman’s stereotypical women-as-the-cruel-sex-objects-making-the-loving-man-suffer pictures, HE is not ( one too many close-up her-licking-her-lips-moments if you ask me) and we really need to digest the films. So we go to the next movie.
At MADE Art Space. The objective: to check out this space as it could just as well have been one of those, cool on the internet, not so cool in real life (Hyperreality?) situations. And yes I have to admit, I thought the subject and nakedness of David La Chapelle’s models was something for Him as well..

Gone Fashion Moments

AND we went there. The space is in one of those old buildings, 7 floor high and next to the Alexander Platz. We were greeted by some really shiny girls. As in really shiny. We’re on the list, whew, so no problem there. We also receive drinking-chips and are escorted to the MADE space itself. 7th floor, impressive view, impressive light installations and sponsored drinks. It was one of those situations where you need to decide that you feel comfortable otherwise you’ll feel displaced all night. Ok, so we thought, Semi-Danes in Berlin, ‘we cannot really be underdressed’ and stepped into the crowd.
But Oh Boy. We were, well, right on the edge. I mean we sat in cinema chairs all day and these Girls must have been at the hair dresser or been modeling or something all day. Good for the blog as I love to take Street Style pictures, but not so good for the self-esteem. So I did what has become one of my fashion things to do. I recalled how I used to dress up in clothes from the old-clothes-bag and tried to make them ‘modern’. So, the Man being parked with ice-candy (yes they were distributing all kinds of sweets – the movie was called Eye Candy) I ran off to the toilet.
The door closed, I took off my black shirt and wrapped it as a turban around my head. This way my lace-body-top became part of my outfit, my hair which could’ve needed some styling was almost hidden and I didn’t have to hide my shirt with my jacket (so uncool). Red lipstick, Perfume-Shower. Tadaaa. I was able to enter the arena. And take pictures. And learned the following lesson:

  1. Always to wear some nice top under your comfy sweater, yes, always. You never know, as my mother always said.
  2. Always to have some make up and freshen-up-things with you. Again: You never know.
  3. Always not to get scared by shiny people. You might never be as effortless chic, but you probably have done something more cool than being at the hairdresser or modelling all day. Like watching Harriet Anderson seduce every man around her.

Lots of Love
/Isabella A

*Did you remember to change your watch to summer time?
**Apropos, did you  see my link to Diana Eng on facebook?
*** I guess this is what they call team building?

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