a no-season jacket

living in a climate where you cannot really trust the weather forecast, I can get frustrated about picking the right jacket before I leave the apartment. (I know. If that is my only problem I’m one lucky bastard.pardon.) so I thought it would be kinda nice to have a suitable jacket for every single occasion so I wouldn’t have to spend time on considerations. solution: leather jacket. Now see this is not an easy investment, (yeah, it is an investment, those damn things cost several months of rent..!) so below I’ve listed my favorites. (plus some jeans jackets, thought they were nice as well)(ah, but I haven’t checked ebay yet..!)

Some quite reasonable in price … others.. not so much..

pretty classic, yet nice material. get it here.

by Ilaria Nistry. want it? click!

love zadig et voltaire – love this jacket!

achievable piece by topshop. love the embroidery.

yes. It’s an Isabel Marant. (and you don’t want to click the link to find out the price of this magnificent piece..!)

In deed it is the same as the turquoise above. (but I love the cut and both colors.)

wow, this seems like a boring jacket compared to the other ones… nonetheless it’s fab.

Now remains one question: which one?(?!)

/ida boussole



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2 responses to “a no-season jacket

  1. The Marant. Definately. It’s a classic.

    • 1boussole

      ah yes, the marant is also my preference (although the turquoise from Z&V has something.. special – in my opinion)
      now that we’ve got that settled, I’m gonna send out those applications I wrote, adressed to funds supporting leather-jacket-hungry-spoiled-students-with-no-cash-but-wild-imagination 😉
      thanks for your comment!

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