Vicky writes about her dream of a world where one can wear this “LimeCrime” pop color lipstick without getting weird looks and I agree. They would brighten up any outfit or pale facade. (although I also connect the look with a certain fictional commercial…)

FashionCopious exhibits a great selection of editorials. Like the above by Erik Madigan showing the fall/winter Collection by Greek designer Mary Katrantzou.

Don’t remember where I found this, though it reminds of the current project my studygroup and I are working on. The creation of an animation and application that helps you with your daily need for D-vitamins (this includes getting the right amount of sun and fish.. hence the picture)





courtney love has a blog.

yesterday was the 5oth anniversary of the first man in space. he orbited the earth and returned two hours after his take-off. since then, about 500 astronauts have been in our galaxy.
 спасибо jurij gagarin! 

at last: I recommend you to read Garance’s “Talking Fashion” -posts.

/Ida boussole

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