Street Style Coachella via StyleClicker

Here are my favorite outfits from Style Clicker's Street 
Shots from Coachella

Loove her bra thingy and the way she interprets the see

Love her colour palette and her interpretation of the
 "show me your tummy" trend.

Love her glasses! AND the cut of the dress. It seems that
 there's no back above the waist.
Lovely. Graphic. 

Lastly, I bought a new harddisc (500MB weee! and new 
RAMM 4GB)-BUT this means my Apperture (photoprogramme)
 is not yet up and running.
Excuses, excuses I know. But I am SOOO looking
 forward to show you a Copenhagen Street Style, which
 I took right before I went to Istanbul, two Istanbul
 Street Styles AND a street Style from FLENSBURG (who would have thought.. ;) )

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