run for your life, this is a post with a theme… kind of. (the video above is for the ambience.)

as you may have observed, given you are as fashion minded as yours truly, it’s all about  colors this year. (well, suppose it always is around spring/summer. but whatever, let’s pretend we were reborn.)

Further I noticed that the specific popular color(s) at the moment are either orange or pink. or both. It’s refreshing and I absolutely support the wave. (anything but not ‘coral’ or ‘peach’ as the standard color presumingly is…….. no comment on that)

so what does the www say about these two colors

pink & orange ?

tommy ton offers chíc versions

Yvan Rodic of course has some characters up his streetstyle sleeve

Other significant bloggers do either one or the other…

like Marie

or Rumi

or Janeand what about me? I start with my nails (‘ultraviolet’ by YSL & ‘Chop-sticking to my story’ by OPI)

but if I could I would definitely invest in this cool ‘market acetate bag’ from Jil Sander (costs 107€….?! really – for a plastic bag??)

/ida boussole


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2 responses to “˛❧~⌡

  1. Uuuuh, pretty nails, Miss Ida 🙂 And a cool JS bag, too, but I agree with you: it’s way, way overpriced.

    • 1boussole

      Thank you 😀
      and I’d rather spent money on a screaming yellow netto bag; despite the fancy’ness of the JL…..

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