Money is all we need

Sitting here and I feel like confessing my newest weirdness (My non-danish readers, please note the obligatory irony, that here and there slipped into my little sharing).

It all started with me blogging about that lovely scarf the other day*. And lucky me, Ira the designer, wrote to me about her liking the blog and included a discount code for her webshop. Hurray! And even though I still couldn’t afford it, I had to buy it.

And that’s how it all started.

What started?
My pathetic excel-money-saving-thing.
Yup. pretty (!) pathetic, I know. But I already saved what would be 17,1€ (that’s already the shipping fee after 4 days of saving!!!)

I started an excel sheet called “money for scarf”. Yup, you’re allowed to laugh out loud at this point. But once I reveal the power of this new thing you won’t stop wondering whether it’s really all that good. And if you only have the tiniest of a money saver and expensive taste shopper in your dark consumer soul, you will try it out at one point in time while being on a student’s budget. I promise a 75%.

Well. What am I talking about. I talk about the power of mindset and priorities:

  1. When being at the uni, bring your own lunch. The lunch needs to be some fab diet stuff-salad-something, which is less pathetic than that boring “I’m so poor I have to bring my own ryebred boring” thing. And you might loose weight (of course the ultimate goal in our walking-stick-figure-with-no-soul oriented world), which you also do when having no time to bring your own food. Do not buy that delicous thing in the cantina and wupti – you can add 1,8€ to the excel sheet.
    …and drink your coffee at home. Because of course you all either have that artsy bialetti or ‘fake’ espresso thing*** or a beauty of an expresso machine. So you can have your obligatory latte or fashion-forward espresso at home. Catching – another 1,3€ for your excel sheet.
  2. Sit outside of your apartment instead of the cafe, because no matter what you need to flash your outfit, styled with care and attention to detail – which of course of course needs to be flashed, in the hope that one of the thousand street style photographers catch your outfit. Or in case the right people walk by and see you. You have to take part in making your part of the city the new thing. So go outside, sit in the doorway (don’t forget a cushion), dress up and take your own, still artsy espresso, outside instead of going to one of the coffee shops across the street (because of course you life in a neighborhood with loads of trending coffee shops, all with the best barista EVER working for them). AND you can use your own wireless net, instead of using your iPhone’s free data, which needs to be saved for REAL emergencies.
    Well, where does this leave us? Ah yes: saved coffee 4€ (WHAT 4€ for a coffee? Yes, we’re in Copenhagen in case you haven’t noticed) and 3€ saved in snacks, which you inevitably will buy in the café when being tempted by one of the delicious creations of the New Nordic Bakery being a niche-thing sold in EVERY café that has the city’s life-enjoying-consumers as their target audience. So in total 7€ – we’re getting there.
  3. Now comes the tricky part. You chose NOT to go to that fantastic concert, even after you have decided your life needs more life concerts. And you THINK you’ve saved another 12€ BUT then you take a turn, while rushing to your Dance Step lesson with that political-uncorrect-obligatory-gay teacher****  who after the lesson gives you tips about what not to eat ( I can take a hint). And that turn takes you to H&M. 12€ from before = your new swimsuit.
    Ok, we gotta do this. Quite convenient that your friend cancelled on you (7€ saved on a beer – yup, still in CPH) and you now can go with your recently returned from far-far away countries- friend & boyfriend to the inspiring art-cinema (everything with ‘art’ is good for your emotional balance, you’ve decided a long time ago) and finally use that gift certificate for this lovely art place and get in exchange two free tickets to ‘the movie of the month’ (and you ignore the fact that of course the guy handling your membership (aaaah, membership events!) can see you are already a member of something else (surveillance society, I’ve said it before!) and combines these memberships in one card (hurray, one more day before you have to find a new wallet!)).
    That leaves us with…… 2,5 hours of distress (Gaspar Noé is all I say. No, even though it didn’t say anything about violence in the discription, it WILL be a violent movie when his first movie started with 15minutes of rape. Just sayin’.)Ok, but that leaves us with the saved 7€ on a beer. Because tickets were free for you, of course.

TADAAAA: 3,1€+ 7€ +7€ = 17,1€

Now, we only need to do this 3 more weeks and you’ll also have the scarf saved.


*yep, still obsessing about it, but it’ll arrive TODAY**!

**good excuse for continuing the obsession, right?!

*** I use the term ‘thing’ losely for anything I don’t remember the correct name of

****who talks exactly like your other gay friend, because of course you have a gay friend

**** added after I got feedback. I don’t mean this. Well, I do but don’t – it’s ironic or a German attempt to be so. Or funny ha-liar (as in haha+peculiar)

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