redecoration/new toy/comic/coconut/et cetera.

I’m gonna start this post by some hardcore bragging. cause I spoiled myself with the new 27 inch iMac – and I think I’m in love.

I know it’s ‘forbidden’ to eat anywhere near such a gadget (can you call a thing of this size a gadget? giga-gadget? gidget?) but it was a sort of celebrational meal connected to this purchase… (well don’t know if onion soup is particularly festive, but the humongous beer is )

(kinda white trash outfit when I think of it…)

Even in my twenties I cannot help but feel jolly when watching disney cartoons.

guy in double glasses reading secret document aloud about the health consequences of the explosion in Tjernobyl.

via fashioncopious (my ‘editorial-pusher’)

/ida boussole


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2 responses to “redecoration/new toy/comic/coconut/et cetera.

  1. Disney makes every rainy day end in rainbows!!
    Niiiice computer, I like a lot, screw the reverence – you can’t mess that keyboard up and it should be so lucky to get some onion soup from time to time 😀

  2. 1boussole

    I am grateful for your comment – us Disney-iMac-onion-soup-on-keyboard-enthusiasts must stick together! 😉 high five!

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