latest investment

flashback; paired the whyred SS2011 shoes with a simple outfit. present; now they belong to me


they are the most comfortable heels I’ve had.

they can be combined endlessly.

they were on sale.

paired with really old H&M pants (think I bought them when I was 16?)

Got them at the whyred event hosted by afashiontale.

+ marie has them too. (= I feel a little cooler having the same pair. is that naive? I don’t care.)(she is such a lovely and sympathetic person btw!)



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4 responses to “latest investment

  1. Nice shoes! 🙂 We just made a post about you, so if you could check it out and tell us if everything is okay?
    Thanks for the interview again!
    Signe and Ditte

  2. 1boussole

    Thank you for the compliment and an even bigger thanks right back at ya for a delightful afternoon! -ida

  3. Kurt Fintasdottir

    Ihhh…Kea ! 😀

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