Gosh I love it!

↑nice chucks-installation↑

In many connections I’m all about simplicity. However, looking at the completion of the home of an older lady like Iris Apfel I cannot help but want a collection of  monkey statues as well. (look closer)

Speaking of individualizing your shoes………

wow. so what to comment on this. I saw it and found it intriguing at first; in this weird kinda way, but then I started thinking about the relevance of this in relation to fashion. yeah yeah, it’s all about creative individuality and innovation (and that coming from someone studying arT.. !) but where is the room for actual fashion? No offense, it is indeed both creative (yet again, the subconsciousness questions.. – no –  yells (!) at my own wannabe-artsy mind, still.. ), expressive and provocative and by all means I’m surely not asking for Ralph Lauren editorials. Just something inbetween. Am I being too conservative? Are we begging for even more craziness? Do you guys even know what the hell I’m talking about?


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