Water and rolled up pants.

Hi lovelies.

I’m on my way to a conference, born creative, so I’m gonna make this short.

Where to begin? Ok, I guess I believe that there is some universal law that things need to be balanced, you know the Ying-Yang, Borders create content, something something talk.. I won’t bore you with the details, but I guess human beings need to rationalize things, especially when they have to accept stuff. Well, where am I trying to get at?

Ok, let’s start with the beginning, things have been going extremely well, I got fantastic job offers, I enjoy(ed) every minute of my day & I had great company – so (and this is where the justice crap comes in) something less good was bound to happen (&no we’re not going to get into the power of thought and stuff,). BUT then I lost my scarf, the one I love so much and thought I’d give to my grand child one day (the one from B.Heart). ok, too bad. Still don’t know how that happened, maybe it was stolen at the gym.

And then, the distortion weekend came. things were perfect, I had a great time & great company. But then I got a REALLLY bad cold, that’s what happens (my mum could’ve told me), and then the next day a magazine was blown across the table, which tilted the glass of water, which drowned my computer, just when I was writing my paper (or preparing a blog post), and well – killed it. And then, the next day I wanted to bike to beach, but my bike was gone. Just like that, some foreign(?) truck had emptied the whole street for bikes, only the crappy ones were left lying around. Ok, so when talking money that’s 10.000Dkk for a new computer and 1.500Dkk for a new bike. And yes when talking about blog posts, that means I was completely dependent on my iPhone, which then of course was broken for a couple of days. So, no bike, no iPhone, no computer (&dropbox hadn’t synchronized the folder with the paper I was writing, for some weird technical reason) = I’ve been studying a lot for another exam (which paid off, hurray) but maaaaan I hate to have to spend all my nonexistent money on a new computer (&I love my senior) and completely lost tracks of cyberspace things.

Well, where does this leave us? Don’t know. At the moment with a rolled up pant because otherwise I’d ruin them on my extra bike, with no gear and too much grease. But then again I’m back with the basics: the shoes I’ve loved for years, the focus on a few things & the appreciation of -something ( well, would’ve been nice to write something third here, now we’re talking balance and all 😉 ) but I guess this is just it. Gotta go now. But I think I’ m gonna borrow this lovely iPad a little more until I can afford a new MacBook air and increase the frequency of posts. ‘Cause that I learned I missed.


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