Twisted Mind

Sometimes I think I have a great idea for a post, write some obvious key words down. And then I carry on with my life.
But surprise, surprise, a few days later I only remember the mood and the sense of urgency I fell when writing the words down. But well, how essential could this message be when being forgotten after only a few days?

And this is I guess where there is some afterrationalization point in my writing now. Or rather an eternal conflict in perception and method. Because, isn’t there a dilemma between having seen the light and wanting to communicate it AND feeling obliged to follow certain conventions without taking part in the hysteria of the masses?
Some might call it the hipster dilemma, others call it the difference between being a knowledge communicator and knowledge creator. I then would argue that you, as a human, can’t ever be a neutral medium communicating something (in which case we wouldn’t need the communicators..). But what I want to argue here, or rather what I want to share with you is my wondering. Or some kind of after-rationalization.
It’s about Street Style pictures, or life in general, is it possible to master the essence of style without neither distorting it to being a means to a personal end, or without having to life in clichés? OR are some people just unconsciously obeying to some aesthetic rules that are essentially biologically explainable and thus appealing to us?

Ok, I guess, as usual I’m stretching i quite far here, trying to communicate a link between the genetic vs socially programmed-question, between whether anything ever can be unique and at the same time universal, and whether conscious subjectivity isn’t always preferable to the pseudo objectives. Or is it in the end a combination between Arts & Crafts?

And yes, MAYBE, I’m just too far out here 🙂


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