h.o.l.i.d.a.y. (hell of life in drowning agony. yikes)

apologies about the awful acronym title thing. I’m eternally tainted by the likes of Don Rosa.

nonono. it’s not that bad. I finished the 4th round of  ArT and I couldn’t be more grateful of all the free time given in my hands. and before I continue, i must confess that I am literally sitting (drunk) after a huge and fabulous party, in front of my screen, hence the p0st might contain too much honesty and even be deleted the very next day (the reason being shame!) yet with the urge to compose serious thoughts. (while secretly lusting after a gigantic hamburger.)

hahha, of course here I stop and think —  cause what is my message?? well, the main issue is currently the loss of my two beloved friends – Miko & Aga – who I met through the studies and I just said my farewell to. They are going to spend a semester in Venice and it is so amazing. I couldn’t (really….!) be happier! but still it hit me when they left. emotionally. and so, as I still feel the last sip of the ‘free’ daiquiri I had at a bar I wonder why I experience the same roller-coaster of feelings as in a classic break-up. the shock. the disappointment. the sorrow. the grief. I suppose it is a temporary sensation that will be substituted with the joy of holiday and the upcoming adventures that are still to be discovered. and as I lean against the optimism that always saves my pathetic whining and wondering I realize that friendship is for life. If you care to keep it. and -oh boy- indeed I do.

I am fully aware that this post is pure selfishness. yet I pass it on as a lesson to all out there: treat your close friends as you would like to be treated and appreciate them while it lasts. finito –

jep, it’s been a while since the last fuckfinger post. so this is a great opportunity (or rather:excuse?) to abuse this personal diary-style.



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3 responses to “h.o.l.i.d.a.y. (hell of life in drowning agony. yikes)

  1. Ah, beloved friends leaving to live somewhere else – rips you open, doesn’t it.

  2. Oh, and I love! your nails – very 1920ies in an updated way. Stealing your idea right this minute!

  3. 1boussole

    indeed it does. luckily they will return though 🙂
    and thank you about the nails – wasn’t sure whether it just looks weird and “beauty-mark”-ish so I’m happy you want to try it as well !

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