while the impatience grows. and the plants are dying

I am preparing for a holiday outside the city. lots of stuff to do, but instead I watch make-up tutorials. (yes, I suck at doing make-up, my make-up motto is ‘less is more’ but these ladies know how to do it and it kinda inspires.. besides, who doesn’t love the British accent?!)

also I want to share an erotic image of me in bed – no. not hot, just odd.

last but not least a little d.i.y. .. without any elegant effort (at all!) I created a hanger out of a broken part of my ‘mag safe’ cable. now I have a place for my hat. On top of that I pimp’ed a tanktop..

I love my tank top’s, but it needed some change, so I wrapped a silver necklace around the back piece and voila.


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