Paul Smith RTW 2012

hello. so I read that the RTW 2012 collection by Paul Smith was based on the cool, effortless, (shabby, but thats part of the charm) androgyne look by Patti Smith (not sure you know but I think you do know that I adore her, pardon me, she fucking rocks.) and in my screaming euphoria (ah, maybe not, but I was kind of excited, since I love both the Smith’s) I went to take a look on .


maybe I expected something else, but honestly Mr. Smith, you did not fulfill my wet Patti Smith dreams. (metaphorically speaking, excuse me!?) Though I wasn’t looking for an exact copy of her clothes/style, I was at least looking for a clever ‘Paul-spin’ on Patti. What I see is pretty much just Paul Smith clothes for men worn by women. Still I selected my two favorites (as in: those I found the most Pattish) for you to judge. (or check out the rest of the collection -click above link- to get the picture.)


PS: don’t misunderstand – I find the overall collection pretty very well made, but just not in tone with the Patti Smith style. Just want to make this clear.

PPS: Just for the record…..

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