Vogue Cut-Outs on a rainy day

Its raining outside, I can hear the raindrops on my window and I’m totally having fall/autumn vibes.. But also really enjoying myself with this Vogue and thought I’d might share my favourites with you.. And as always in life you see things clearly when cutting them out (and there is actually a slighty offending phrase for this in Danish. So much for random facts.) – In particular I realise that I’m in a “lady phase”, I like focus on the waist, and brownish colours, and fur-like things.. And pink. And A-line cuts (but of course only with the focus on the waist).. And while writing this I realise it’s little different from last year. But let’s blame the German Vogue and the prejudice(!) against German fashion interpretations, hence the limited fashion impressions at my disposal in this edition of the German Vogue.. Right? 😉


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Filed under Accessories, Berlin, Fashion, Inspiration, News

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