I just spent the weekend on the island Sylt. Amongst newly rich, old rich, expensive cars, endless feather-filled vests and even more colored polo-shirts I saw the light when stepping into a “Wunderkind” shop. I’d heard a bit about it, but didn’t know how incredible each piece by the Joop-brand is. I mean, take one look at these heels. I don’t know about you, but I’m in love! Here’s what is written on the official website:

“Wunderkind is Wolfgang Joop’s personal vision of what a contemporary, sophisticated and independent woman wants in her wardrobe. It is an intimate and emotional expression of the designer’s taste, one that explores the contradictions and dualities inherent in each woman. Wunderkind celebrates a sense of freedom, which defies sartorial conventions and offers a unique take on modern elegance.”

Ok, he clearly has ambitions and it’s all great and maybe a bit exaggerated, but first and foremost the design is plain pretty.



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