❏ in other news ❐

let’s throw some attention to good ol’ German simplicity. why? because it rocks.

It’s no surprise that the outcome of Courtney Love & Curt Cobain is breathtaking. I have a girl-crush (even though I hate that expression) on Francis Bean Cobain. (Click the link for more images plus of other people photographed by Hedi Slimane. Gorgeous.)

funky accessory,

In memory of Ampoule’s beautiful, oh but also fabulous scarf, I give you the latest design.sigh

I’m kinda looking for help on this one. made the above image (Isabella took the picture, we did the styling together) and to be honest, I can’t tell at this point, whether I find it sort of ok to use for Only.com or if it is plain ugly, boring and unaesthetic. So if anyone (that’s you!) has an opinion, please do not hesitate, I can handle it! (seriously)

Everything else ok? If not, click here.


Video I ‘made’. I mean I recorded it.

Let’s finish off with some tunes, shall we? maybe some mellow electronic.



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2 responses to “❏ in other news ❐

  1. Charlotte

    Thanks! It was very helpfully, now everything is “OK-OK-OK-OK-OK-OK”!

  2. 1boussole

    Told ya! (and it works EVERY time!)

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