Vibskov SS12

swimming in a sea of popularity is mr. Henrik Vibskov (what a Yoda sentence). With his innovative fashion shows and oddly characteristic design, he truly is one of my all-time favorites. For the SS12 he created at set of outfits consisting of mostly abstract patterns in a frame of black. Add to that the (as always) hats and artsy glasses and (the best part, if you ask me) the scenery of the show. With the use of wooden materials, which has become sort of his “trademark” in terms of presentations, connected to -literally- dynamic architecture; the result leaves me with the opinion that yet another Henrik Vibskov show is utterly complete. Here – above – I give you two similar outfits. I can’t say why, but I adore the shit out of this pattern. It looks like a mixture of the milkyway and the inside of a jellyfish. Want more?


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