midnight in Paris

Wednesday I went to see the newest Woody Allen picture. Now, I hate to have a movie plot revealed by others, (unless I know I don’t want to see the film myself) which is why I won’t say a thing about this one. What I do want to say is that any Woody Allen fan out there will get exactly what is expected from his work. It’s witty, it’s overly intellectual and it is magic. With only the title as a starting point, the 75 year old genius managed to pull off what everyone expect Paris to be. Romantic and seductive. I want to go to the city of love even more now. Here’s what he said in an interview for “WeekendAvisen”:

“I like how my movies have that beautiful glow. Matisse said that when looking at his paintings, one should feel as though sitting in a comfortable chair. I think of my movies in the same way. I want the audience to enjoy the texture of the images and the expression in the lighting. Like when you’re in a restaurant and notice yourself in a mirror. The light is golden and warm and you look like a million dollars. That is the glow I want to show you.”


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