If you’re a regular on this spot you might have caught on to the fact that Isabella and I are going to spend two relaxing weeks in “Nice Provence-Alpes-Côte D’Azur” and all that French’ness… Anyways, That means either of two things: Cozy regular chilled blogging of slightly dazed nature with a lot of bubbles and good mood or no sign of life at all (other than the occasional tumbleweed) due to lack of internet. I hope you will still sneak a peak once in a while, however I felt the need to inform how things might go about here. I could imagine some nice street-styles will find it’s way via Bella’s iPhone, which will contribute with something from the real world, and not from my twisted and dusty mind. Oh, and enjoy my imaginary picks for the ride. 

First, the weird white lady head is presenting these feather earrings.

This plain loose thing you can get right here.

get this here.

Get this one (and possibly the right buddy) right here.

Now let’s top this plain outfit off with some non-threatening bugs, shall we?

Get these ones by poking around hereau revoir / Ida

PS: If you want a postcard, write a comment with your address and I’ll send one. promise.

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One response to “ººº✍♢✈♢☀ººº

  1. Charlotte

    Yes please, sent to:
    Petersenallee 13
    D 24960 Glücksburg

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