Nice Update 🌴

Let me give you a little example of a day spent in Nice. First up: go to the market close to the cost. Get tomatoes and the glimpse of french styles.

Not tired of markets yet? Go to an antique market (this one only happens once a month)

I took this one with me ……

Of course there is need for rest in the heat – just two minutes ago (while writing this post) the electricity went out due to the heat.. mon dieu…!

Time for some vintage browsing. Our favorite: Caprice Vintage on Rue Droite.

That’s it for this particular day.. food recommandations will get a post of its own!

/ampoule & boussole


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2 responses to “Nice Update 🌴

  1. Maaaaaa, I want the electricity to go out due to heat here too!!!! And I want that blue dress (and the red one in the back)!!! And I want to eat watermelon and sip white wine!!! And are those sparkels on your dress Ampoule? Life must be fab in disneyland for adults.

  2. lampoule

    Yeees, sparkles for adults 😉 No, seriously I got that dress (white with sparkles!) in a second hand shop for 5 DKK and LOVING it in what you rightly call disney land for adults.
    Just spend (another) just amazing night out, eating the most AMAZING (to be read with an amarican accent) dinner and morito. – No, moritos are not french, but go oh so well with the heat 😉

    Bisous and looking forward to seeing you sooon!
    &thanks for the mention on ya blog!

    Kisses again!

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