More spying and wondering what makes the French style so chic

More cool kids.


Vintage in Action


Funky light installation

And a real Nicoise (or what do you call them?)


Gotta love her dress!


Oh yes, and this couple was actually reeeeally pretty, with some pretty tattoos as well (bien sûr!), and he wore those cool plastic shoes our mum gave us for swimming when I was a kid. Remember? Oh yes, and she’s got this bag like every one else. I forgot the name of it, and they are terribly unhandy, – but now I want one.


And this girl shows well what fascinates at the french style: The ability to match!
All her nails were red (sorry for being too slow on the spot and taking a proper picture), which corresponded perfectly well with her tote bag. Equally her simple sandals matched her pants.


And this bike-thingy was actually full of comics. Nice (and nope, still not tired of pulling this joke of)20110826-095759.jpg

More simplicity.


And a beutiful, beautiful couple. Though clearly not french. But who cares?20110826-095825.jpg

Ah, yes. One of my favorites. I completely dig the way she combines two different pieces of swimwear & wears all these pretty bracelets while reading non-chalant in her book. In the water.
Remembers me of Garance’ post about matching different tops and pants.


And this picture I had to take, because she had that something. Don’t know exactly what, but you know she was one of those girls you turn your head after (even though I’m not into girls 😉 ). So, here she is.


Funky heads at Zara! Pretty but somehow scary?


And another example of white being THE colour down here, and that they simply know how to match.


Ah yes, and another favorite of mine. We found this terribly cool bar on the other side of the street, and voilá, found all the cool kids.
Apparently some things are really international: The ring covering two fingers for her and the baseball cap for him (not to forget the ironic beard. We love) & used milk boxes to sit on, for both.


And what kind of girl am I to not fall for these legs?!20110826-100005.jpg

That’s it for now.

♥♦ A


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2 responses to “More spying and wondering what makes the French style so chic

  1. Shoegal;)

    very nice pictures! good work:)

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