Whyred Winter

Damn. I barely got home from the south before I purchased (as if I hadn’t spent enough money already..!) a pair of winterboots. But hey (!) they were on sale (less than half price!) and it’s three years ago since I bought a pair and they have gotten slightly used if I may say so… haha, sounds like I am making up excuses, bad habit, sorry about that.


Image by Agata.


I dig the fact that they have this round, but not too round, toe shape and that they’re pretty classic. Think winterboots have to be useable for several seasons if you’re in an economical state as I am.

Get them here.


PS: update! Received them today and they fit and are cool and all. hurray.


Filed under Fall Fashion

2 responses to “Whyred Winter

  1. Jakob Havn

    Just bought me some new ones as well.



  2. 1boussole

    Wow they are nice, hey well then lets be “new-winter-boots-buddy’s”! 😀

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