Only Today

Here is the finest selection of today’s photoshoot for The assignment was to create a sort of slogan/life-philosophy/statement for the autumn campaign “autumn beats summer”. After much thinking I just went for a woody allen quote, since I find everything he says oddly true, ironic and humorously charming. so this one’s dedicated to you, Wood’!

for the record, the quote of choice goes like this:

Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.

The photographer of this shoot was my dear friend Karin who was willing to help me out this time. It’s hard finding a ‘replacement’ (pah! as if they could be replaced!?) for Aga & Miko, but until now I have been lucky and satisfied. (except for the fact that I really can’t edit them very well in PS which is frustrating to the point of nausea)

I am wearing (new!) Whyred boots, military pants and sweater by Only and dotted shirt by T. Hilfiger. Oh yes, and the coat is by Only as well. (bonüs! if you click the image right below you should get to a little romantic and silly hair-gif. (don’t know why it won’t work on this page though….))



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