Dans le Dressing

of Niels.

I had the privilege to meet Niels at his home for a little closet tournament, so you’re gonna get loads of pictures now. Ready? Dandy.

I know him through studies – he just finished his bachelor.

First off I made him choose his five favorite pairs of shoes, which was somewhat of a challenge, since he has around 100 pairs of ’em.

“One Sees Clearly Only with the Heart – Anything Essential is Invisible to the Eyes.”

From “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (Niels’ favorite quote. again; I asked for it.)

Diving into the t-shirt collection showed an affection for all kinds of statements. (like above: the Christiania Brand -or more correct, by two people from there- “Alis” and a ‘3rd generation’ t-shirt Niels inherited from his best pal, Sara. She got it from another friend.)

When asked about his ideal of great style, he’d classify it as being the fusion between the 80’s and now; more specifically the jogging-style of the 80’s with the present color-palette. He stocks up on his basic’s from American Apparel, but goes with Carhardt when it comes to sustainable quality, simply cause it gets a better “used” look over time.

Though.. All that brand-talk aside it’s also a matter of personal style if you ask Niels (and me.)

Then again, vintage bargains are not to kid with, regardless the label.

Heading to another obsession:


To be continued…


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