Mmm’kay.. not knowing how to excuse the lack of fuckfinger posts I’m jumping right into a (pretty personal) topic occupying 90 98% of my functioning mind. Semester. Project. Damn it to hell. Of course I am aware of the fact that the “artistic process” entails a large amount of research (I’m on it) and that one can’t possibly have a complete concept figured out right from the start. And still… It can be frustrating to “walk around circles” of possible solutions without knowing how it might end. (happily? Satisfying? Boring? Conventional? Commercial??) At this point I am looking for the specifics of an interesting narrative – who doesn’t love a good story? (I do I do !) Yet it seems to lead to even more questions like in the second last parenthesis; or simply whether it should be a realistic narrative or a fictional of some kind. hm.  At the end it’s a matter of taste, yet my doubt will probably keep leading me into several blind spots. That’s the point where one has to generate this “strong” character and kick the own ass just to get going. For now I’m still investigating within the “good-story-field”. sigh.

Thanks a lot for reading.

yours truly,

miss fuckfinger.

PS: Don’t you just love the below post by l’ampoule?! and that Woody Allen picture….!

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