Dead Birds.

The last couple of days I've gained some valuable knowledge and
cannot help but share it with you: Once upon a time, there was a bird. 
Und wenn er nicht gestorben wär, dann lebte er noch heuteFreezing its ass of in my friend's freezer.Oh well, that’s to exaggerate it. The bird was dead; but still in her freezer. And that might be the case some times, somewhere in other people’s freezers. But my friend is in her 50s, mainly painting flowers & incredibly inspiring to be with – and THE LAST PERSON I’d expect to collect dead birds and put it in her freezer - to draw them later on.So, what the hell did that teach me? 1.	The you’ll never now a person completely – and somehow that’s nice 2.	That I have a sick kind of humour, since this has amused me the last couple of days
3.	That dead birds are somehow implausibly inspiring. Hence, the jam session depicted below.

Und wenn er nicht gestorben wär dann lebte er noch heute.

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