a little bite of the fashion week

yes yes, FW every where. NY, London, Milan blahblah and I cannot keep myself from composing some comments on an outfit here and there if I find anything intriguing. So: Marni. One of my current favorite brands. (you’ll see soon how favorite.)

jumping in the marni pool.

Marni is known for the slight bourgeois style in that eclectic Italian way that makes it difficult to define with precision and nevertheless I guess that is why I like it. This specific show had a very 60’s inspired flair with the flower prints and round earrings. A particular part I have to pin-point is the little underlayers (?is there such term?) of silk here and there. Ah, and the hair-style was adorably random. (y’know what I mean??)

Though the silver middle part of the bead-work might not appeal to my taste, the overall look is cohesive in a casual way. And I simply love the look of Arizona Muse as a model. She is ‘very Marni’ in my eyes.

Good use of neon and again the silk details make the outfit complete.

What I like about this is that it is really a “Ready-To-Wear” outfit. It has a lot of personality without being just a statement in itself. Of course statements are galvanizing and amusing, but (there can only be one Anna Della Russo.) as a designer one must be capable of creating a good and matching outfit, no? (I mean, Isn’t that pretty much a basic ability?)

that’s all folks – more tales another time!



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