another mouthful

After the comic’al intermission – More FW. This time Versus (shown in Milan), which is a collaboration between Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane. I dig the setting of the gym-theme; though disappointed that it was made specially for this event, and didn’t take place in an actual high school gym. So I just stay amused by the thought of  Anna Wintour (and the rest of the fashion-crowd) having to sit and smell an old floor of sweat and teen blood… Anyways, the clothes:

So the dresses appear sporty and girly with the colors and the cut, but without being too much, due to the artsy patterns. There is a hint of cheerleader (more in some dresses than others) but I find the black accents interesting (kinda the same method as Vibskov this year, no?) and I guess I am in more playful fashion state-of-mind, compared to the usual black-on-black-on-even-more-black. One has to alter a bit sometimes. hm?

here it’s obviously the cheerleader skirt in a new (more airy) interpretation. but maybe also something for miss Wozniacki, hm?

I like the zipper thing. And damn, that bag is wonderful (even more if one could see it properly..!) you recognize her? yes, it’s Arizona Muse.

you like it?


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