video: light & story

simple techniques with lights and stop-motion.


ArT semester project is so far going good. I am working with my group-mate on the manuscript and storyboard of a small animated story about a boy and his folded paper-crane. His mind starts to imagine a world where the crane becomes alive and they fly across his hometown located at some mountains. As he tries to cross the mountains and see what’s on the other side they get attacked by some strange spider-monsters and as they almost conquer them the last punch of one spider pushes the paper-crane over the peak of the mountain and injures it. Together the boy and the paper-crane fall into a river which takes them to the shore of a kinda “nirvana”-land (/the other side of mountain). Unfortunately the paper-crane is almost dissolved in the water, but the boy puts it to dry in the sun and lays next to it. Simultaneously as the crane dries, the boy transforms into a tree whilst the paper-crane becomes a real bird ending with the bird sitting on a branch of the tree. Fin.

What do you think?


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