◊Sometimes styles don’t need clothes ◊ …it’s all about the framing.

Sometimes, when I really have to study/ do boring stuff and feel like pffffff, I feel bored. It kind of helps to make up a story/ or create a mental framework.
Ok, too abstract?

Example: I sit on the couch. It’s saturday and the exam-date is approaching, i.e. I have to sit on my butt and read. Study. And wear comfy pants – i.e. pretty boring to look at. The only thing to do, is to make yourself a coffee. Take a shower. And imagine you’re one of those artists, creating something. You know, the cool movie characters. E.g. in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, how she runs around, finds a shoe in her fridge. Or you’re a parisian, somehow. Or just the best version of yourself – trés busy. Creative (’cause that’s what you ARE right, got nothing to do with what you’re actually doing. It’s what you make yourself).

Some people say we’re in an era of self promotion and stuff, I might agree, but sometimes it just helps thinking that way to make reality bearable.

So, I’d say its time for: red nail polish. A giant men’s shirt. And some comfy black pants. No. might be too cold today. So it’s time for, uhm, a blanket and a coffee. And the rest you can make in your head. 🙂

Cheers and happy Saturday


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