Lucy Chadwick for Zara

I love this video.
I'm not sure I get why Zara made it.
But I love it, I love her, I love the visual expression.
I love the music.
And I wanna be just like her, with her New York apartment, 
up-state wonder of a house & her english accent.


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11 responses to “Lucy Chadwick for Zara

  1. 1boussole

    love the video, so adorable. but I don’t need to have her chin.


  2. julie elizabeth

    Does anyone know where I can get that giant pale grey sweat top she’s wearing???

    • lampoule

      Nope. I’ve looked all over Zara’s webshop and couldn’t find it.. But the other things are there.. I’m sorry!
      Anyone else knows it?

  3. Maria Wad Falk

    Does anybody know where to find that amazing white shirt she’s wearing? I need it! 😦

  4. Maria Wad Falk

    She just looks so effortlessly cool! I love her bracelet too, wonder where it’s from.. 😀

  5. Maria Wad Falk

    Is her shirt from Zara, cause I can’t find it online? Does anybody know? 🙂

  6. i love the bracelett too and i know whére it´s from……… it´s from miansai!happy x-mas all of you beate

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