giftz.Marni+Wunderkind.and some Electric Love. und Rammstein!

hello and belated merry x-mas.I believe you have been occupied as much as I with family/doing-nothingness. just wanted to share two gifts i got. first off the green Marni Coat. mhh. it’s very girly, but i think that it will balance my very black/grey/dull wardrobe a bit to the better…

got u a little funky thing too ☝

my birthday was right before x-mas and i got these little darlings (not the goose feet. ) by Wunderkind. (remember the post form Sylt were i discovered Wunderkind?) if you ask me (and u surely do) i’d say these are the most beautiful statement earrings i’ve seen. basta. this manifested by the solidity of___ Rammstein!


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