Smudgy already, but voilà, my paintyourownnecklace result.
It was so much fun making, standing in front of the mirrow, looking at the inspiration and painting with a marker on my skin.
Definitely something I’ll try again, maybe with henna though (didn’t take long before it was all smudgy like on the picture, despite major hair spray fixation attempts).

But yesterday I was left with a bit of a Cinderella feeling.
I really liked the necklace but always knew in the back of my head that it’d dissolve rather sooner than later. And I knew I had to take off the nail polish as well, yesterday night the latest. Because otherwise my nails will too dissolve and return somewhen in february (my nails somehow go all dry and breaky from nail polish).

So I felt that my outfit was rather temporary. But it was worth it.

My pose also refers to finity and my love for Nørrebro 2200 (going to move to NV in less than a month).

So here’s to finity and new starts and the blessing of temporary fairy tales



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