the tale of the sleep procrastinating curse.

hello. what i am about to share is really not a big deal. yet -somehow- it feels like I am sharing a secret with you… possibly, since this thing is kind of a weakness. a weakness that brings both joy and tears. but also shame.



I’ll skip further babble and just quote what I wrote to Isabella the other day in order to reveal my secret:

Ok. You are the one here in this world who is the closest to me and my oddities and that is why I will share the following (bad!) habit with you. You should know that all the crazy, impulsive, spontaneous things I have done all happened in the exact same way; I have been lying in bed, incapable of finding sleep and instead surfed the web and thus in the sole company of my spirit -and no one else- made the most ridiculous purchases. (plane tickets, clothes etc). now I fucking did it again:

tadaa: skirt by Carven.

+ I feel exposed now that you know my weakness. please don’t punch me.


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