Totally buy it – promotional video for Jalouse

Ah, I totally love this video. It’s very “lalala we’re making this video and tell that story about that hot, cool girl”- and before you knew it – you saw the whole promotional video and get at the same time told what it means in that ironic distanced way. and totally dig it. Very meta in that obvious (or not) way. Sorry, this might be rambling to you – but  a narrator is the perfect new meta layer (to me). You buy it too?


Via – the magazine I’m gonna subscribe to the instance I start my new job in march!


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3 responses to “Totally buy it – promotional video for Jalouse

  1. Liv

    The perfect way of advertising to that target group of well educated, reflective people, who feel too smart and “individual” to be affected by trends, social codes and ads but are anyway and try to legitimize this with ironic meta smart-assyness.

  2. Liv

    PS I’m obviously in that target group because I hate myself for it, but I totally buy it too :D!

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