In between

Here another peak at one of my pictures.

It’s my latest (another one in progress though – exiting project actually – drawing a piece related to a newly recorded song).

But uhm, the picture. yes.
It’s drawn in the “in-between”-state – you know those days when you feel restless, not quite where you want to be, not totally dissatisfied either – rather in between. And at the same time I really like the female  aesthetic. & of course I cannot resist to integrate the thought of society and borders defining the content, person, personality – and draw the skyline in the back and mostly contours’n shadows.
Also what really inspired me was Toulouse Lautrec – he masters the art of layering and playing with a background – a focus point – and a foreground (do you call it that?). And that’s what guides me too, often (background= skyline, focus point=naked lady, foreground=impressions of a kneeling lady). But I love to add another layer – kind of a “mirrowing” layer of our (information)society – that’s where the written words come in.

You like or have some comments?



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