Gif love, or Josh Greet love☜♥

Stumbled across these gifs on Vice’s blog*. Had to share them with you.
Going to make more of them. But compared to our previous gifs I like the 3D effect of this weird 4-lense camera.

Ah, pure balsame on my thesis hunted art hungry heart.

Oh yes, and yesterday I got a truly interesting question: “What would you do if you could take a whole year out of your calendar and needn’t think about money or your career – what would you do?”
I  think I would move to New York for a couple of month, study art and live an artist’s life, before going to Argentina eat some steaks, going to Japan & embrace Murakami, shop myself through Seoul and go for Beijing as a dessert.
What would you do?


*There you can read an Interview with the artist, Josh Greet, too.

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