Voltaire’s “Candide” illustrated and written for kids.

yes, it’s a book for children. but the frontpage caught my eye and the illustrations are … well, good. and hey there’s a fucking tiny kid screaming inside each of us, no? The story is about this man, Candide, who goes through hell & all sorts of torture and while meeting people with same horrifying stories he desperately tries to find his one and true love, Cunigunde. With him he mentally and verbally repeats the philosophy by Leibniz “We live in the best of all the worlds” which ironically clashes heavily with all the never ending and fatale destinies he faces throughout his journey. The tale has no satisfying “happy” ending, though that wouldn’t suit the story and thus makes this a particular great one.

Voltaire “Candide eller Optimismen” translated by Oscar K., Illustrated by Dorte Karrebæk.



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4 responses to “Voltaire’s “Candide” illustrated and written for kids.

  1. translated to english? what’s the title? does amazon have this edition/version? thank you.

  2. sadness… 😦
    thanks anyway.

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